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Driveway LED Lighting System

How many times you have driven up to your garage door at night and felt a little uncomfortable stepping out of the car onto a dark driveway?

GeorgeTech Electric Inc. offers a smart, simple and cost effective solution:
A ribbon of LED lights installed over the garage door will illuminate the garage door and
driveway area, helping you feel safe and secure while adding ambience and style to the look of your home.

The LED light is powered by a low-voltage power source that is conveniently plugs into the existing garage door opener outlet (no wiring needed). The light is energy-efficient and automatically lights up the driveway after sunset and turns off after sunrise. Monthly costs for this special LED lighting averages only $1.00/month and the light will last for at least 15 years.

Just take a look at the pictures. Which driveway would you feel safer to walk to?

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